Web Marketing Services Pricing

Starter: $ 500 Setup and $100 per month

  • Optimization & Submission of 2 pages
  • Report of top 5 keywords/phrases
  • Up to 1 hour of monthly optimization and client reviews

  • Intermediate: $800 Setup and $200 per month

  • Optimization & Submission of 4 pages
  • Report of top 10 keywords/phrases
  • Up to 3 hours of monthly optimization and client reviews

  • Advanced: $1300 Setup and $300 per month

  • Optimization & Submission of 6 pages
  • Report of top 15 keywords/phrases
  • Up to 5 hours of monthly optimization and client reviews


    PPC*: $150 Setup fee for the creation of a pay per click campaign in Google that will be added with the bidding of 10 keywords.

    Link Building: $150 Setup fee and $75 per hour for the development of a Links page and the gathering of other websites that will be related to your website for link exchange.

    Customized step: Pay per click marketing campaigns. We will work with each client to identify the proper strategy and budget for PPC based on the results of Step 1.

    * Any hourly fees are at $75 per hour.

    Let your website work for you. In order to be found in search engine results, your site not only needs to be submitted right, optimized well and have a good ranking for a particular term, but it's about the overall job of improving how your site interacts with search engines, so that the audience you seek can find you.

  • Web Marketing Services Pricing

    Our custom Web Designs start at $800 per website. This includes a 5 page website with images and links.

    Our Process:

    • We will meet with you to discuss your needs
    • We will send you 3 templates for you to pick from
    • Once a template is picked we will start building your websites
    • We will be corresponding with you by email and updates will be sent periodically
    • Depending on the complexity of the project, we will take a minimum of 2 weeks to complete it.
    • Please contact us to find out more about our monthly web maintenance packages.

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    Step 1: Keyphrase Research and Analysis:
    We evaluate your keyword/phrase relevancy to existing site content, while comparing these words to the client's competition and the common words that are being typed in the industry at the moment. Upon evaluation a report is generated and provided to the client for review and analysis.

    Step 2: Keyword/ Phrase Optimization:
    We will optimize your content based on the keywords and phrase identified in Step 1. Gateway /Hallway page design will also be created to drive traffic based on keywords and phrases.

    Step 3:
    Submission to Major Search Engines:
    We will submit your optimized content to the major SE, as well as continually monitor and analyze results. These major SE include: Google, AOL Search, Fast/All the Web, Hotbot,Yahoo, MSN, Open Directory, AltaVista and more.

    Step 4:
    Continual Monitoring:
    We will analyze site statistics and monitor the status of your optimized content on a monthly basis. If pages begin to drop in rank, we will make the necessary changes, based on the allocated package hours, to ensure they remain competitive.

    Step 5:
    To monitor our progress and provide measurable results for tracking your return on investment, we will provide a monthly web marketing report for you. The report will be run on your top 10 to 15 keywords and will be accessible to you.