Web Marketing

We will meet with you first on a free consultation to assess your website and see where you are. We will then analyze your website against your competition and figure out a strategic plan of action.

Our Web Marketing Optimization Process

Step 1: Keyphrase Research and Analysis:
We evaluate your keyword/phrase relevancy to existing site content, while comparing these words to the client's competition and the common words that are being typed in the industry at the moment. Upon evaluation a report is generated and provided to the client for review and analysis.


Step 2: Keyword/ Phrase Optimization:
We will optimize your content based on the keywords and phrase identified in Step 1. Gateway /Hallway page design will also be created to drive traffic based on keywords and phrases.


Step 3: Submission to Major Search Engines:
We will submit your optimized content to the major SE, as well as continually monitor and analyze results. These major SE include: Google, AOL Search, Fast/All the Web, Hotbot,Yahoo, MSN, Open Directory, AltaVista and more.


Step 4: Continual Monitoring:
We will analyze site statistics and monitor the status of your optimized content on a monthly basis. If pages begin to drop in rank, we will make the necessary changes, based on the allocated package hours, to ensure they remain competitive.


Step 5: Reporting:
To monitor our progress and provide measurable results for tracking your return on investment, we will provide a monthly web marketing report for you. The report will be run on your top 10 to 15 keywords and will be accessible to you.



Website Consultation

We'll tell you things like how many visitors you had, where they come from, how long do they stay on your site, what page is your most popular, what page is causing people to leave your site, what day of the week brings you the most traffic as well as other facts that you absolutely must know.
If you wish to get a free report, please contact us.


Web Marketing Optimization Services
Submission to Major Search engines

We will manually submit to different search engines and directories for better acceptance.

Major Search Engines

If you play your cards right with the engines and put up fresh content on a regular basis, you should be able to get spidered frequently and deeply.

  • Web Marketing Optimization Services

Also, try to stay away from Submission software programs. Important Search engines like Google and Yahoo do not accept automated submission, instead, they see those as spamming.